Introduction Last updated: 04/10/2020

PHPtricks-ORM allows you to paginate data in easy.
its can quickly generate pages links based on the current page,
and the generated HTML is compatible with the Bootstrap & Zurp Foundation CSS Frameworks.
and set you data in table.
all that in 3 lines of code.

$users->where('is_active', 1)->paginate(10);
echo $users->dataView();
echo $users->link();

Get Started

Configuration :

to get started working with paginate you must be know that. in PHPtricks/Orm/Config/database_config.php find :
"pagination" key.

"pagination" => [
    "no_data_found_message" => "Oops, No Data Found to show ..",
    "records_per_page"      => 10,
    "link_query_key"        => "page",

no_data_found_message Message will returned if no data returned from your query.
records_per_page Records you want to retrieve.
link_query_key uri query key name

Paginate Data :

$postsModel = new PostModel();
$posts = $postsModel->paginate(20);

using paginate() without sending records count
that make PHPtricks-ORM use the count you set in config.

$postsModel = new PostModel();
$posts = $postsModel->paginate();

View Data in Table :

$postsModel = new PostModel();
$posts = $postsModel->paginate();

echo $posts->dataView();
First Column second Column Third Column

Generate Links :

$postsModel = new PostModel();
$posts = $postsModel->paginate();
echo $posts->dataView();

echo $posts->link();