Learn about LOGATY, why to use it.

Learn about features and API, create your global website in easy!.
Download & Install Logaty Library from github or using a composer

Install Logaty, and Get started to build you'r awesome global website.
Configure LOGATY as your website need, you can control everything.

See how you can set up LOGATY for your website to make it as you wish, you can add a custom configurations
Start Translation
Get Started and translate first word in your website!
See How it easy and fast to translate content in your website.

Learn about translation files (directories structure, files content).
Link's & URL's
Generate Links in one line of code

LOGATY allow you to generate links with selected language or with specified language in easy, you can generate link to same page with multi-languages.
Switching Languages
Create Languages Switcher with one line of code!
LOGATY Allow you to generate languages switcher on tow types (SELECT, LIST) in easy.
Language Detector
Detect Visitor Language in easy.

LOGATY have a powerful methods to detect visitor language, you can detect visitor BROWSER Language & COUNTRY Language
APIs (Helpers)
API Helpers

LOGATY have everything you need to build your awesome multilingual website
Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials Coming Soon

Learn How to use LOGATY.
Learn How you can Develop a library to connect with database and translate your dynamic content!.

Do you have a Problem ?

If you have a problem , or if have a question - pleas open issue on github