Installation - Logaty

Installation Last updated: 26/12/2021

install LOGATY using Composer.

composer require phptricks/logaty
	"require": {
		"phptricks/logaty": ">=3.0"

Whats Included

Once you download the Library, you can see a folder with several files and sub folders. You can read description of some important files in continue.

  • Logaty Core folder its include Base Classes of library
    • Helpers
      • Switcher
        • Select.php trite - create language switch from <select> element.
        • Ul.php trite - create language switch as list from <ul> element.
      • Config.php Config Class - handel and get configuration values
      • Detect.php Detect Class - Detect User Language from browser.
      • Link.php Link Class - to create correct links with selected language.
      • Switcher.php Switcher Class - create and customize Languages Switch.
    • Translate
      • Translator.php Base Class for handel translation / get translation from files.
    • App.php Logaty Application Main Class
    • Logaty.php Logaty Application Container Class
    • ILogatyService.php Logaty Application Container Interface
    • start.php Initializing Logaty library .
    • Exceptions
      • Exceptions Contain Logaty Exceptions classes.
  • Config Configuration variables (files).
    • options.php General Settings.
    • direction.php languages direction (ltr or rtl).
    • enabled.php enabled languages in your website.
    • flags.php language flag name (icon name en.png).
    • name.php Language Name ( Name in English & Natural Name ).
    • supported.php all languages supported in your website.
    • paths.php directory paths of (languages directory & flags directory).
    • code.php languages ISO-2 Codes - optional if you want to use it.
  • local contain translation files
    • languages contain translations files & directories.
  • composer.json composer file - using composer for psr-4 auto-loader only.